Appeal to the Court of Cassation related to the conviction against defendant Milde Max Josef

“The document contains the reasons of the appeal proposed in the interest of the Civil Responsible for the fact of the accused, identified in the Federal Republic of Germany, in the person of the Ambassador in Italy, defended by the defence lawyer Augusto Dossena of the Florence Courts, against the sentence issued on 18th December 2007 by the Military Court of Appeal of Rome, no. 72/07, filed on 25th January 2008 by which the confirmation to Milde Max Josef's sentence has been given; he was accused of the crimes of 'complicity in violence with murder against civil enemies, having several aggravating and continued circumstances'.”


Act of Appeal related to the conviction against defendant Milde Max Josef

“Milde Max Josef's fiduciary defence lawyer proposes an appeal against the sentence no. 49 issued by the Military Court of La Spezia on 10 October 2006 by which the defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment with the consequent accessory punishments and the civil charges. The appeal infers the following reasons: Inconsistency and lack of evidence with regard to the charge; violation of art. 192 par.2 p.c.; illogicality of the sentence.”


Act of Appeal related to the conviction against defendants Milde Max Josef, Stolleisen Karl, Boetticher Siegfried.

“The document reports the reasons of the Act of Appeal proposed in the interests of the Civil Responsible identified in the German Federal Republic against the sentence of the Military Court of La Spezia, bringing the reasons. Lack of jurisdiction and/or of further proceedings, and/or inadmissibility and/or no-suggestion of civil action, on the basis of the international obligations undertaken by Italy, or on the basis of the content of the internal laws of implementation; consequent breach of the law.”


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