Photographic files

and CD rom

copies of Interest


Photographic file obtained thanks to the photos received by the Regional Criminal Police of the northern Rhineland-Westphalia. May 2005

“Photographs with images of German officers and soldiers of the Werhmacht and of the Division Hermann Goering involved in the trial. There are also group images of the musical Body. Photographs of Villa Carletti, of Licia and Luigi Carletti and of Mr and Mrs Cau, resident in Gebbia, killed 'for spying', follow. The last page contains the index with the captions.”


Photographic file with images of the destroyed Civitella.

“Military Tribunal of La Spezia, May 2005. It contains 12 photos of the destroyed Civitella. They seem those taken by the photographers of the VIII British Army kept in the War Museum in London.”


CD rom with images of the "massacre of Civitella"

“It contains: a relation on the slaughter of 29.06.1944; personal files on some victims; cartographic attachments of the places; photos of the following victims: Bartolucci, Caldelli Ivo and Virgilio, Falsetti, Franci, Giuliani, Gualdani, don Lazzeri, Milani, Pasqui Alfredo and Giuseppe, Sabatini, Scaletti, Tavarnesi”


CD rom: photos of Civitella

“It contains the photos filmed by the soldiers of the VIII British Army at their arrival in the places of the slaughter”


CD rom: Film segment of Civitella

“It containst he film segment filmed by the soldiers of the VIII British Army at their arrival in the places of the slaughter”


CD rom. 21 June 1944: Mulino di Verniana

“Report on the facts preceding the slaughter concerning the territory of Verniana and San Pancrazio. Testimonies of Edoardo Succhielli and other partisans”


CD rom: audiovisual shootings of villa Carletti, Cornia, Solaia and other places

“Audiovideo shootings dating back to the year 2004 of Civitella, Cornia, San Pancrazio, Gebbia, Villa Seramonia, Solaia. The audio is in German, evidently carried out by inquirers coming from Germany.”


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