The Municipality of Bucine presented a project to the European Commission entitled "Transmission of memory: a center of digital documentation on the Nazi-fascist massacres in Valdambra" in compliance with the Community Programme "Europe for Citizens" - Action 4 "Active European Memory" .

The project aims to establish a Digital Archive of Memory starting from the numerous documentation on the slaughter of San Pancrazio, the tragic event that struck the population of Bucine on June 29, 1944, when German soldiers belonging to the Armored Division Hermann Göring, were deployed, according to a plan studied in detail, in various locations of the Valdichiana and Valdambra, including the villages of San Pancrazio, Civitella and Cornia, where they carried out terrible massacres.

This documentation and this historical heritage are kept by the Municipality of Bucine at the Intercultural Center - Museum of Memory of San Pancrazio but, in the era of computerization, it is necessary a broad and systematic research work, inventorying, cataloguing and digitization in order to preserve it and make it accessible to scholars, students and tourists. This site provides the digitization of all the available material so as to allow its viewing all over the world, encouraging the exchange of information, studies, materials, visits, experiences, contributing to keep the memory alive and to spread a culture of peace in the world.

In 2013, another important goal was achieved in the path of protection and preservation of memory, in fact, the project of the Municipality of Bucine "Implementation of the Documentation Centre - Digital Archive of Memory" was funded by the Embassy of the Federal Germany and this has allowed to implement and make it even more usable the Digital Archive of Memory that needed a work of technological and exhibition renewal, to adapt it to other museums born in Italy and in various countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

The idea for this project has been developed following the judgment of the International Court of the Hague in February 2012, which denied refunds to individual victims but that did not exclude projects of support to countries and communities affected by the tragic events of the summer 1944, with the aim of overcoming the dispute between Italy and Germany and in the spirit of the bilateral relations between the two States, contributing to the building of a culture of memory shared between the Italian and German peoples.

So this project has made it possible to enhance and renew also this site.



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