SERIES 429-451



Envelope “1943, 429, cat. II, Summer Camps” files 030-040

Documents related to the Summer camps. June - August '43.

Assignment of rationed goods for the events of the Federal Command of GIL Arezzo (2 July 1943).

Note of children admitted to the colony of Bucine (sd 1943).

Rationed goods for use of the summer camps (25.06.43).the Summer camps (23 July 1943).



Envelope “1943, 432, cat. VI, Seizure of fascists’ properties” files 041-055

August 1943 - April 1945.

The Municipality appoints the Administrator of the assets of the Estate of San Pancrazio, property Pierangeli. The property is among those abandoned. Primo Ghiori, mutilated, already appointed as director of other estates abandoned by the fascists is appointed administrator (13 September 1944).

045 - 050-053. Appointment of the Commission responsible for the preservation of properties abandoned by the fascists (30 August 1944).

046 - Letter of the High Commissioner for the Purge requesting a list of properties seized or confiscated to the fascists (3 June 1945).

Marco Capobussi, former Republican fascist, asks, according to prefectural provisions, to regain the care of the administration of the estate he holds for rent in Ambra (9 March 1945). Follows the resolution by which the mayor had confiscated goods to Capobussi and Luigi Migliorini (30 August 1944). Follows a copy of the resolution by which assets of the dissolved fascist organs are seized, mayor Marco Capobussi (23 August 1943).

Celeste Marrubini Migliorini, widow of Luigi Marrubini, demands the return of seized linen and clothes for the benefit of her sick daughter (7 April 1945).



Envelope “1943, 433, cat. VIII, Preparation of premises” files 056-061

058 – 059 Lodgings for evacuees. Assistance and hospitality for evacuees in Bucine. 1942. 060 - 061. Welfare payments for evacuees. 1943.



Envelope “1943, 433, cat. VIII, Circulars and corresp.” files 062-079

Documents on assistance to evacuees. Measures pro- victims of bombing (June 1943).

Letter of the Republican Prefect of Arezzo Melchiori on the Committee pro- victims of bombing (1 June 1944)

Official Bulletins on assistance to evacuees and various (November and December 1943).

Letter to the Podestà of Bucine from Prefect Rao Torres on the welcome to evacuees (5 December 1942).

Duce's letter on the assistance to evacuees (31 December 1942).

Letters from Prefect Ristagno on evacuees (July, August '43).

Extended service for the evacuees in favour of evacuee families from the east and from Dalmatia (30 October 1943).

Request from the Podesta of Bucine for sending covers for cots, with the specification that almost all the evacuees are lodged with relatives (12 September 1943).



Envelope “1943, 433, cat. VIII, Services depending on war " files 080-082

Economic support to two war widows, Diomira Paci, widow of Vittorio Vanneschi, and Isolina Pratesi, widow of Luigi Greci. January and November 1943.



Envelope “1943, 433, cat. VIII, evacuees” files 083-103

Welfare payments applications for victims of the war (March 1944 et seq.): Giuseppina Pterodattili, widow Mucci (26 April 1944 and 9 May 1944); Giuseppe Precardi (25 March 1944); Gemma Cimenti for Giuseppe Felloni, his tenant (6 June 1944); Fantoni Bruno (13 June 1944); Donzellini Sestino (14 June 1944); Cocollini Sabatino (15 May 1944); Cipriani Gino (5 June 1944); Gino Belardi (2 June 1944); Resti Agostino (6 June 1944); Semplici Vittorio (10 June 1944); Rossi Adorno (1 June 1944); Templari Rosa (9 June 1944).



Envelope “1943, 433, cat. VIII, Welfare payments to soldiers” files 104-113

Welfare payments to soldiers’ families (March-October 1943). Municipal Commission of Bucine for subsidies to soldiers formed by Angelo Lucchelli and Giovanni Giovani (7 September 1943).

Sorbi Guerrino Welfare payment for convalescence (20 March 1943); Various circulars between the Municipality and the Prefecture.



Envelope “1944, 445, cat. II, Welfare payments” files 114-127

Subsidies to evacuees in the municipality of Bucine with damaged houses with. Declarations of damage to houses because of the war. (April-June 1944). Requests for Welfare payments: Emilia Balsamini (20-25, April 1944); Adriani Agostino (4-27 May 1944 ff.); Giobatta Coppi (6 June 1944).



Envelope “1944, 451, cat. VIII, Corresp. to archive” files 115-139

Lists of sheep owners, farm wagons etc. for use by the German armed forces (April-May 1944).



Envelope ", 1944, 451, cat. VIII, Welfare payments to soldiers” files 140-147

Welfare payments to soldiers’ families (1944-45). Cetoloni Giovanni (1 September 1944); Banchetti Angiolo and Girolami Ida (19 November 1944); Petrini Virgilio (10 November 1945).



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