SERIES 464-509



Envelope “1945, 464, cat. II, expenses for Hospitalisation” files 298-331

Commissioner for the Purge, Deputation for the Province of Arezzo. Rules for purging fascists. (16 March 1945)

Orphans of the victims killed by the Germans and of needy. Request for data from the National Organization for Orphans of War (10 April 1945).

Requests for widows and wives of prisoners for assistance. (gen. August 1945)

Request for nuns to teach in the nursery school (17 April 1945).

Sezzatini Angiola widow Ciofi asks for a subsidy (3 August 1945).

The Mayor pleads with the government to obtain a subsidy for Palazzini Clara, wife of the civilian prisoner Alessandro Pianigiani (20 January 1945).

Assunta Torrini, widow Pozzuoli, is dismissed from the asylum (23 February 1945).

Distribution UNRRA aids to the school population (19 June 1945).

Letter of the section of Bucine of the Italian Communist Party to obtain a reward for Olinto Picchioni, janitor of the College for men of the town (25 July 1945). The Municipality responds affirmatively (5 August 1945).

June 9, 1945: recurrence of the massacre of San Leolino with 10 family heads slaughtered.

Constitution of the Municipal Committee for Assistance, letter to the Marchesa (Marchionness) Tecla Bartolini Baldelli to make her accept the presidency. Correspondence on the subject.

Statute of the Command Division Patriots "Arezzo". Constitution of the Committee for support to the victims of Nazi-fascist crimes and their families (319-322).

Impossible to find a marble slab for the commemoration of the victims of San Pancrazio. Letter from the mayor to the parish priest, Father Angiolo Pecchi (June 13, 1945) (323).

Letter from the Mayor of Bucine to the Allied Screening Commission to commend the aid led to British prisoners by Alfredo Torzini (12 June 1945).

Hospitalization of the son of Bianca Panzieri, widow of Francis, murdered by the Germans, in the Institute "Sons of Italy" Monterotondo. (April 19, 1945) (325-326-331)

Aid to the orphans of dr. Alberto Corsi and hospitalization of one of his children in an Institute. (23 July 1945) (328-329-330)



Envelope “1945, 465, cat. II, Correspondence” files 332-348

Support to the families of war victims, including those of San Pancrazio. (January March 1945)

Welfare payments to the evacuees. Circular of the Prefect Bracali (December 26th 1945).

Several circulars on the constitution of local committees ENDSI, Welfare payments, allowances for damages due to bombardment.

No purge in the municipality of Bucine. (14 February 1945)

ECA Committee. Appointment of members (13 December 1944). President Gabriel Signorini. For San Pancrazio the referent was Don Angelo Pecchi.

Various correspondences on ECA.



Envelope “1945, 465, cat. II, Requests from war victims” files 349-371

Several requests for aid from war victims (see Agnolotti Luisa. Baldetti, Dario Baldi, Baldi Primo, Bossini Maria widow Mealli, Del Cucina Annunziata widow Picchioni, Ensoli Giuseppe, Sguazzini Norma widow Gori, Scortecci Alvaro, Nannini Margherita, Nepi Tito). Among them some women from San Pancrazio (Rosa Cardinals, Norilia Nannini etc.) but also widowers of men died from mines (see Ircani Assunta. Fabbri, Frosinini Enrichetta widow Cantucci), accidents due to Allied vehicles (Erina Castellucci, Nella Galardi widow Mini), mutilated etc . (February-June 1945)

Request for a subsidy for Caterina Dainelli widow of a victim of July 9 1944 (April 4, 1945).



Envelope “1945, 465, cat. II, Christmas 1945” files 372-382

Requests for Christmas presents and subsidies from Luigi Boschi, Gina Magnani, Angiolo Provvedi. Among them Gioconda Artini widow Baldi, with two children shot by the Germans, July 4, 1944 in Tulliano of San Pancrazio [November 29, 1945] and women of San Pancrazio [Pia Agnelli widow Masi, Novilia Masi Nannini].



Envelope “1945, 465, cat. II, Special grants” files 383-396

Requests for subsidies (Ersilia Scala, widow Debolini, Ricci Gino, his son Giorgio ha been killed by an English vehicle, Provvedi Angiolo, Rosa Del Cucina, Bartoli Angiolo, Gina Magnani, Fabiano Fagiani, Eligio Erranti). Among them widows, fathers and mothers of victims of war (Raffaello Del Cucina, Nazzarena Cardinali widow Tiezzi, Arrigucci Rina widow Gambini, Pinzuti Camillo). (April-September, October 1945)



Register “1945 Resolutions of the Town Council” files 397-421

Deliberations of the Town Council of Bucine, year 1945. Constitution of the Commission to draw up the list the poors of the Community and the Commission for lodgings, and for the end of facilities for fascist employees (14 February 1945).

List of Martyrs of 29 June (29 June 1945)

Naming of streets and plates to the martyrs of the massacres in Ambra and San Pancrazio. (11 May 1945)

Naming of streets and squares of the hamlet of San Leolino (23 June 1945).


Register “1946-1947, Resolutions of the Town Council”  files 422-424

Tombstone in memory of the115 people killed by the Nazi-Fascists. (26 January 1946)



Envelope ", 1946, 496, cat. II, cl. IV " files 425-487

Letter of the German High Command to the Podestà of Bucine to fulfill road works (29 May 1944). With the original text in German.

Letter of the police headquarters in Florence that heralds the return of a prostitute, Erpici Iolanda, with clean bill of health from the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, where she had been treated for a venereal disease. (April 26, 1944)

Letter of Rao Torres which states the inalienability of properties belonging to persons of Jewish race (18 February 1944) (432). Correspondence between the prefecture and the municipality on properties of Jews in the territory of Bucine (433-437) (Aleardo and Amerigo Borghi, Gilda Orefice, Augusta Perrin Provenzal.)

Curfew imposed by the allied troops (10 January 1945).

"Abandoned children" Letter of the police headquarters in Arezzo on children begging for alms to the Allied soldiers. (29 November 1944)

Surveillance to the railway line Florence-Rome on behalf of the " German Gendarmerie". (30 May 1944). Answer of the Podestà who said he had not found any civilian available. (June 4, 1944)

Complaints against the President of UNRA Valenza Palazzini Sguazzini. (27 February1946 - 1 and 7 March, 1946 and 20 February 1946)

Self-denunciation of fascist raider, Erpici Alberto. (14 May 1945)

Cooperative of the People, Bucine. (6 January 1946)

Letter from the UDI (Union of Italian Women) of Arezzo on school lunch and summer camps for children. (August 8, 1946)

Letter to the Prefect of Arezzo from the women of San Pancrazio who complain that their families are "in abject poverty" for the suspension of aid, which instead is paid in Civitella by ECA. (13 to 23 May 1946)

Three names of victims of the Nazi-fascist retaliation with a request for subsidy. (17 to 23 May 1946)

Letter to the Mayor of Bucine lamenting how the subsidies to the widows of San Pancrazio had been interrupted. (August 12, 1946)

Various other documents about the victims and subsidies to their families. [458-459]

Assistance Center UNRRA in San Pancrazio on subsidies needed by 60 children of San Pancrazio. Only 40 of them received them. (October 1, 1946)

Fantoni Romana, wife of a victim of the massacre of 29 June is hospitalized in a mental hospital because of the massacre itself. She requires a subsidy for the expenses of the hospital. (30 October 1946)

Letter from the Mayor of Bucine to the Minister for the Post-war to grant a contribution for the construction of a parish church with a crypt and ossuary in San Pancrazio. (29 September 1946)

Various correspondence of UNRRA.

Letter to Mr. Pierangeli to intercede for the admission "in some institution" of Avilmo Poggi, orphan of a victim of June 29. (9 September 1946)

Another letter to Pierangeli to intercede for the widows of San Pancrazio (May 13, 1946)

Letter from the Mayor of Bucine to the National Committee Pro-political victims to grant a subsidy to the widows of San Pancrazio. (13 May 1946)

Holy picture for "Christmas 1942" in English, with a citation from Pius XII on prisoners of war, notes by an allied soldier and song "Adeste Fideles". [470-471-472-473-474]

Composition of the Committee for the Distribution of clothing, Ambra. (29 March 1946)

Parcels with clothing for the orphans of San Pancrazio. (February 8, 1946)

Various correspondence on requests for subsidies for the victims of the massacre. (Meacci Armida widow of Fantini Attilio [May 18, 1946] and others) (April-May 1946)



Envelope ", 1946, 509, cat. VIII, Title of partisan " files 488-497

Recognition of the status of “Fallen for the war of Liberation” and of Partisan. [491-493-495-496]

Letter of the National Association of civilian and military pensioners. (2 January 1946)

Sectional elections for the National Association of Servicemen and Veterans. (20 August 1946)

Letter of apology from the Deputy Mayor of Bucine for the absence of representatives of the Municipality to the commemoration of the victims of San Leolino. (10 July 1946)



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