Envelope “1939-1944, Resolutions of the podestà” files 001-016

For most documents from 1944, mayor Angelo Ermini, who replaced Lionello Signorini, who had resigned (007).

004-005 Meetings of the City Council to appoint various committees and the town council chaired by the Mayor Signorini. The resale of monopoly stuffs of Bucine is removed from Stefano Capobussi, brother of Marco, Republican fascist, and given to Giovanni Ghiori, disabled in service. In order to remove from their jobs women and former fascists, are removed by the municipal offices Antelma Lucarini and Riccardo Betti, municipal guard (8 December 1944).

006 Appointment of PrimoGhiori, mutilated, as administrator of the estate of San Pancrazio, remained directionless after the massacre. Several former fascists (Carlo Arcioni, Torello Arimanni, Ugo Ciandella, Egisto Maffei are then purged from the staff of the Municipality (29 August 1944).Envelope “1943, 428, cat. I, Gil”

008 - settlement of the Municipal Council with the new Mayor Angelo Ermini, appointed by the Military Governor. It is decided the implementation of a list of items seized from former fascists and hierarchs and one of the persons to whom such objects have been assigned. Municipal offices are transferred from Ambra to Bucine (7 September 1944).

009-010 - Documents about assistance to homeless people in the municipal area with names. Many of them from San Pancrazio, with the composition of households (6 October 1944).

011-012 - assistance grants of the Municipality to other victims (6 November 1944).

Expropriation of land with a quarry of sand to Francesca Sancasciani to repair the disaster stricken houses of the community (11 November 1944).

013 - Appointment of a new town council (1 December 1944).

014 - Appointment of the Municipal Committee of Assistance (10 December 1944).

015 - Monthly allowance to the widow and orphans of dr. Arturo Corsi, murdered by the Germans. Hospitalization of one of the three daughters of the widower Rizieri Bindi in the orphanage Thevenin orphanage of Arezzo (19 December 1944).

016 - Antonio Scapecchi, first clerk and fascist, is suspended from duty (19 December 1945).



Files 017-029

Documents related to summer camps. September '43 - December '44.

List of material stolen from the warehouse ex GIL, now ONB, in Via Senese (sd).



Envelope "ECA, 11, Note of families" files 498-529

Families assisted by ECA in 1939-40.

Requests to the Podestà for assistance. Cards with the quantities of flour and potatoes received as assistance.

Applications for subsidies to the Podestà (Aldinucci Teresa Renzoni, Italo Innocenti, Sacchetti Corrada, Mearini Natale, Mulinacci Antonio, Regoli Teresia, Renzoni Giulio, Regoli Lea, Bartolini Zaira, Arrigucci Giovanni, Baldeschi Vera.



Envelope "ECA, 12, Activities of assistance" files 530-569

ECA Assistance 1940-43. Support to soldiers’ families, recalled servicemen and unemployed

ECA budgets.

Administrative Committee of ECA, Bucine. (26 December 1942)

Advance of 20,000 lire by the Prefecture to support evacuees and victims due to the state of war. (August 27, 1943)

Assistance to the fascist Carlo Bartolucci [547-548].

ECA after the fall of Fascism. Dismissed fascist members of ECA. (August 1943)

Deliberations of ECA 1939-1940.

Various correspondence about Edward Tofanelli, sick and needy. (February-May 1942)

Donation of 2000 lire ( 50 each) to poor families of Bucine, San Leolino and Cennina in memory Mr. Luigi Edoardo Frisoni. (March 3, 1942) With list of beneficiary families. (May 27, 1942 and later.)

Welfare work program to be carried out during the year 1941-42 by ECA. [568-569]



Envelope "ECA, 15, Correspondence" files 570-595

December 1941. Christmas Parcels with the list of families in need of Badia Agnano.

Employment Office. Award of the Republic to the unemployed. (September 17, 1946 - October 18, 1946)

Various correspondence on the unemployed with list of landowners contravening the provisions of prefectural on placement. (July 1946)

Support to the orphans of Blackshirts (Fascists) fallen in war (September 20, 1940, October 23, 1941).

Correspondence on the poor and infirm Giuseppe Martellini. (August 1940 - May 1942).



Envelope "ECA, 16, Requests for assistance" files 596-655

1944-46. Grant applications by many mothers and widows in the post-war period (Agostino Adriani, Zelinda Aldinucci widow Torrini, Bianca Badii, Antonia Betti widow Cardinali, Vincenzo Cincinelli, Adalgisa Cinelli Nannini, Giuseppe Collini, Clementina Calosci widow Gorelli, Maria Monteferranti, Fernanda Nannini widow Nannini, Armida Nulli widow Gailli, Eduina Fraticelli widow Tavanti, Pilade Borgogni, Pierina Riccucci Solenni, Oreste Sbardellati, Natalizia Vasai, Ottorino Damiani, Annita Ciofi widow Gavilli, Antonio Aldinucci, Cesira Bindi widow Bettarelli, Adelia Ciofi Vignacci, Ilva Ghiori Giorni, Remo Mannucci?, Isolina Petrelli, Gina Parigi widow Meucci, Maria Rondoni widow Monasi, Lucia Rossi, Pasquale Paci, “widower of war”, Cesare Coppi, Bianca Badii, Zaira Bianchi, Nazzarena Cardinali widow Tiezzi, Gino Ricci, Ersilia Scala widow Debolini, Nello Buzzoni, Dina Buini widow Vannucci?, Mattini Maria widow Buzzoni, Bianca Panzieri widow Panzieri, Marianna Bernardi widow Panzieri, Caterina Cardinali widow Moretti, Virgilio Rosi, Damiani Caterina widow Damiani, Enrichetta Frosinini widow Cantucci, Armida Picchioni widow Quartieri, Assunta Isidori, Giannino Arrigucci, Angiolina Coromaschi widow Brogi, Zelinda Gambini, Maria Ferrini widow Poggi, Fortunata Ghiori, Giulio Peruzzi, Tobia Gavilli, Isolina Lumachi widow Petrelli, Panzieri Ida widow Carotini,, list of needy put in order of wretchedness by the parish of San Pancrazio [list follows 654-655]

Many of the applicants are widows of San Pancrazio. Many ask for a contribution to the cost of the coffin for their relatives.


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