Investigation conducted since summer 1944

by the SIB - Special Investigation Branch


“The volume is entirely in English and it relates the report of the allied inquirers together with the testimonies gathered immediately after the slaughter of Civitella, Cornia and San Pancrazio among the inhabitants of the respective municipalities. There is the account of what happened beginning from 18th June 1944, of the partisans' movements reconstructed according to Succhielli's deposition, of the killing of "some German soldiers" up to the slaughter of the day 29th. The victims' list compiled by the English and the testimonies of several survivors beginning with Luciano Gambassini, a district doctor of Civitella, examined by the English in November 1944, follow. The examinations embrace the period from November 1944 to April 1945 occupying the pages 20-415. According to the relation the victims were 100 in Civitella, 45 in Cornia, 67 in San Pancrazio. The list of these last victims with their age is at page 420. Regarding San Pancrazio the witnesses are: Bianca Panzieri, Ugo Casciotti, Giulia Valenti, Anita Gavilli, Consiglia Del Debole, Elia Mannini, Silvio Tarchi, Settimia Tanfoni, Arnaldo Savini, Alfredo Serboli, Eugenia Sensini, Ada Rosi, Gemma Peruzzi, Eugenia e Teresa Panzieri (intervewed on 30th January 1945. She states she didn't find her husband's corpse since 29th June 1944), Livia Bindi, Settimia Migliorini, Fernanda Nannini, Caterina Moretti, Adalgisa Nannini, Elisa Bracci, Gina Parigi, Emilia Arrigucci, Maria Buzzini, Clementina Gorelli, Sidonia Brocci, Gelsa Nannini, Narcisa Ciofi, Isola Pietrelli, Angiolina Rustici, Pia Mori, Eride Tiezzi, Maria Spini, Genni e Vilma Panzieri, Rosa Arrigucci, Santa Corsi, Giulia Bernardi, Angiolina Calvani, Pasquale Nannini, Laura Ciofi, Bruna Carotini. The depositions are all reported in English without translation.”


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