Take promotional Marketing beyond the Gift

Take promotional Marketing beyond the Gift

Promotional gifts are a traditional way to market services or products directly to current and potential customers. Trade shows, exhibitions, grand openings, and introductory packets typically involve a gift with the company logo printed on it. The purpose is for the gift to be used over and over so a permanent connection will be made between the customer and the company. A secondary purpose is to get the logo seen by as many people as possible in different settings.




Gifts are all about appreciation and exposure. A gift that is used in public, for example, has the potential to be seen by thousands of people. A tote bag or backpack used by a recipient will be noticed by people during the commute, on the street, in the library, or in the grocery store. custom printed usb that takes marketing beyond the original gift is Custom USB drives.


promotional flash drives Preloading


Not only can custom usb drives be imprinted with the company logo, but marketing materials can be loaded on the drives that will automatically be presented when the drive is opened. Presentations, a press-kit, or a quick summary of services provided will keep users familiar with the company and what it has to offer. This is perfect for service organizations, professional firms, and independent freelancers.


A business law firm, for example, may also offer payroll services. Customers may have been unaware of that fact. A wedding photographer will often also do family portraits, baby pictures, and cover family reunions or corporate events. Placing a complete list of services right on the drive means that information will not lost, misplaced, or accidentally thrown away.


Multiple Options


Drives are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. Wood, plastic, and metal are common materials for flash drives. Some best selling flash drives include compact ones, key and pod-shaped drives, those with twist caps, and drives that double as pens or wristbands. Storage space, colors, and amounts ordered also differ. The more storage space a drive has, the longer a customer can use it, which means it will be opened often.


Business owners can design their own drives online or request free design assistance. Logos and ideas can be uploaded easily. Buying in bulk saves money over buying small quantities, but some options have very low minimum order requirements. Present promotional gifts that continue promoting the business long after visitors leave the trade show. The return on the small investment is quite high.


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